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Green Tea Capsules: Are They Worthwhile?

Green tea is here to stay.

It  has been used for centuries in Asia for its many health benefits, but in the modern 21st century, many prefer green tea tablets.

Why? Well, there are a couple answers to that:

1) Unless it's purified some, and it is by some tea makers, which causes it to lose a lot of its health benefits and potency, it's rather bitter tasting.
2) Green tea capsules are also more convenient.
3) Taking an all-in-one, comprehensive supplement that already has green tea concentrate extract in it is cheaper than taking it separately.
Plus, there's another benefit: many of the compounds in green tea extracts works synergistically well with other compounds. Green tea products usually are decaffeinated and for good reason. Caffeine has many problems, chief of which is its addictive nature. (I recommend decaffinated green tea extract over the caffeinated.)

This is one of the reasons as to why green tea products have grown in popularity, and why people choose green tea tablets over the caffeinated tea version.

There is another compelling reason to use green tea extract tablets: studies show that those who take green tea capsules actually have more sustainable levels of green tea's native polyphenols called EGCG.

This "superstar antioxidant" helps to scavenge free radicals throughout the body. If green tea tablets had no other feature than this, it would be worthwhile to take on a daily basis. Why?

Because free radicals are largely responsible for aging, and green tea compounds help to prevent that, not to mention its other incredible health benefits.

Choosing Quality Green Tea

When choosing green tea, we recommend the following criteria to follow. By following the following points, you will be assured of getting high quality green tea extract.

1. The supplements should be produced at pharmaceutical standard GMP registered facilities. Facilities that are GMP registered have rigid standards to minimize the possibility of contamination.

2. Ensure the supplement manufacturer has a Certificate of Analysis (COA) on file for review by you the customer thus confirming the potency of the herbal ingredients listed on the label. 3. Make sure the green tea extract is made from standardized extracts. Standardized extracts capture the core, active ingredients that are responsible for its therapeutic capabilities.

Many companies don't use standardized extracts as it's less expensive to do so. Standardized extracts also allow you to get the consistency of the potency inherent to the herb.

A Quality Green Tea Product

A company from New Zealand has a multivitamin product that meets all the above criteria. Their product has not only decaffeinated standardized green tea extracts but it has over 80 vitamins, minerals, a full array of antioxidants, enzymes, and trace nutrients.

The health benefits of green tea are all found in this scientifically formulated nutraceutical.

I mentioned New Zealand deliberately for the regulatory requirements for supplements there exceeds even the U.S. FDA for pharmaceutical medications.

I recommend taking your green tea concentrate as part of a supplement that has more than one health giving ingredients as it's less expensive to do so.

Yours in health,

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