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The Size of The Sports Nutritional Supplement Industry is Staggering

by Glenn Reschke

The sports nutrition supplement industry reached $1.2 billion dollars in revenue in 1994 (Source: and by 2002 it had reached $10.4 billion in the U.S. alone.

Needless to say, the sports nutrition supplement market is a very large industry that shows no sign of slowing down. Professional athletes, general sports enthusiasts, "weekend warriors," and the general health conscious all share enthusiasm for finding the best sports nutritional supplement to optimize athletic performance, as well as to increase their overall health.

This page was written for that purpose -- to be a sports supplement review so you can make as educated a decision as possible before spending your hard-earned money.

Of the seemingly countless number of sports nutritional supplements in the market, the popularity of product categories breaks down as so:

1.) Protein Powders/Prepared Drinks - 35%
2.) Weight loss pills - 20%
3.) Nutrition Bars/Energy Beverages - >20%
4.) Creatine Monohydrate - 16%
5.) Other - <10%

Convenience is paramount with a sports nutritional supplement and there also seems to be a strong migration to ready-to-drink meal replacement powders and nutrition bars.

Of the many sport supplement companies out there, the top three in sales are:

1.) EAS
2.) Muscle Tech
3.) Cytodyne Technologies

Those three companies account for 51% of the market with the remaining 49% divided among approximately 200 sports nutrition supplement manufacturers.

Many, if not most, of these sports nutrition supplement companies offer products that help develop lean muscle mass, increase strength, lower body fat and even increase endurance. Some, however, work better than others while a few perform with an almost steroid-like speed.

But how does one separate the marketing fact from marketing fiction? The truth is a good sports nutrition supplement DOES offer many benefits for your health.

As you know, this site is about discussing the most popular nutritional supplements so as to optimize one's health. There may be a fine line between a sports nutrition supplement and dietary supplements but in truth they are very complementary of one another.

Many bodybuilding experts assert specific bodybuilding supplements are rendered useless without a sufficient amount of vitamins and minerals in the system!

Beyond the academic point of view, the editor of this Nutritional Supplement Bible site have personally weight trained for over 20 years in addition to engaging in aerobics and skill sports and have personally used a number of the best selling sports nutritional supplement products on the market including some fairly unknown sports nutrition supplements as well.

I've investigated and have experimented with numerous sports and fitness supplements and will continue to do so on an ongoing basis so as to provide you with unbiased sports nutritional supplement information.

If, however, you'd like to speed up the process and save yourselves time and money, I will recommend the best sports supplement review information and the best sports nutritional supplement money can buy. Which sports nutrition supplement you select is entirely a personal matter.

Your Sports Supplement Review

If you are a bodybuilding enthusiast or weight train, you undoubtedly have wondered which sports nutritional supplement products actually work. Moreover, you also are tired of buying sports nutrition supplements that make fantastic claims but don't deliver.

Probably like you, I've read numerous sports supplement reviews that gave great information but eventually declared their products as the fulfillment to all your sports nutritional supplement needs. I believe I've found a source of unbiased information. A source that will not recommend something unless it is the best -- and only then after much comparative analysis.

This ebook has been written by one William D. Brink. William Brink is a graduate of Harvard University earning a degree in Natural Sciences and is a regular contributing editor, columnist, and writer to a number of health and bodybuilding magazines including Muscle Mag, Muscle N' Fitness, and Life Extension.

In addition, he is also a National Physique committee (NPC) judge, is a consultant and trainers to professional athletes around the world, and is a regular on national radio shows and fitness conventions.

He is also the author of the de facto standard of sports nutritional supplements -- Muscle Building Nutrition.

Although Will Brink serves various sports nutritional supplement companies in the capacity of a consultant, he has no financial affiliation to or ulterior motives when discussing the various sports nutrition supplements. He tells you what's good, bad, what's worthwhile and what's worthless.

If you want definitive sports supplement information that is unbiased, easy to read, and is informative; if you want to stop losing money on worthless sports nutritional supplements, then read Will Brink's ebook.

It's the opinion of Nutritional Supplement Bible that Brink's Muscle Building Nutrition is the best sports nutritional supplement information on the market.

For more information, do a Google or MSN search to find it and consider buying it.

If this information had been available years ago, I would have literally saved at least $3,000 spent on worthless supplements. Incidentally, don't let the title of the ebook, Muscle Building Nutrition, mislead you. It is jam packed with information for optimal health as well although clearly its focus is as a sports supplement review.

What Is The Best Diet Supplement eBook?

For those of you who desire to lose weight, or are interested in losing weight fast, and want to know which weight loss products work -- not to mention which diet supplements work -- Will Brink has recently released a new ebook entitled, Diet Supplements Revealed.

This ebook will save you at the least hundreds of dollars spent on worthless dietary supplements as he gives an unbiased, nonaffiliated, to-the-point comprehensive review of all the diet supplements out there.

He tells you which ones belong in the garbage, and which ones are good. Remember, as mentioned earlier on this web page, weight loss products are one of the most popular sports nutritional supplement categories for even those who are athletic want to lose body fat as well. Hence, this inclusion.

By the way, after years of research, I came across a multivitamin supplement that actually is pharmaceutical-grade quality, made by a New Zealand company that makes nutritional supplements.

In New Zealand, supplement companies are required to make products that adhere to standards that actually surpass the US FDA's requirements.

This company's flagship multivitamin multimineral supplement product is a complete supplement containing vitamins, minerals, nutrition-dense herbal extracts, amino acids, and other specialty trace nutrients, but it doesn't have bee pollen in it.

If you're not looking for a sports supplement specific product, this is the one we take as well.

Popular Sports, Workout, and Fitness Supplements

For more information on the specific sports nutritional supplement prominent today, please click on the hyperlink (the underlined text) at the start of each point.

Whey Protein: A superb protein source for sports enthusiasts and for professional and amateur bodybuilders.

Creatine: A proven and popular muscle building supplement. Myoplex Low Carb: As its name suggests, a low carb nutritional supplement or drink for weight trainers and other athletes.

Hydroxycut: A popular fat burner for bodybuilders who seek optimum definition, and for others who seek quicker weight loss. A fat loss supplement.

Whatever sports nutritional supplements you take, I hope this web page has been helpful to you in your search for a safe sport nutrition supplement.

Yours in health,
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