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Vincamine Information

The key component thing about this Vincamine Info page is to know that Vincamine is an herbal supplement that actually comes from the periwinkle plant.

Specifically, it is an alkaloid that is derived from the plant Vinkle minor plant.

This plant is believed to boost concentration to significant degrees in healthy adults, assist in amplifying memory to those who are experiencing any level of memory loss, as well as increasing circulation to the brain in general.

This nutritional supplement does increase cerebral blood flow and oxygen and glucose utilization, which is key to the brain's function. However, the side effects of vincamine can be disatrous.  

Vincamine may be of benefit if it could be administered immediately following a stroke. However, health professionals warn that long-term use of Vincamine can result in life-threatening cardiac arrhythmias (irregular heart beating) not to mention promotion severe insomnia.

My Recommendation?

Skip it and take ginkgo biloba instead. Not only does it give the same proclaimed benefits, but it's safe without the dangerous side effects. I hope this Vincamine Info web page has been helpful to you.

Yours in health, hope, and harmony,

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